Marine Incinerator Technical Agreement for
Model: CYF-18

General description
The CYF-18 Marine incinerator is designed for on board incineration of a ship’s waste oil and solid with max capacity of 210kw (180.000kcal/h)

The incinerator is equipped with a door in front for loading of solid waste and removing of ash which can be opened only while the flue gas fan stops and combustion chamber temperature is below 220℃.

The electrical control panel is installed on the incinerator and it contains fuses, starters, PLC and operator panel. The electric panel is built according to international standards for marine equipment. The operator panel which is located at the right side of the control panel has a touch screen and defined keys for system starting /stopping and selecting burner modes.

The burning process is controlled by the PLC and monitored by the HMI(Human Machine Interface) and scanned by two photo resistors. The combustion chamber temperatures are regulated automatically by the PLC control system.


Technical specification
1) Incinerator

Type CYF-18  
Capacity 180,000 kcal/h (208KW)  
20 kg/h IMO sludge oil
14,4000Kcal/h solid waste
IMO sludge (20%water content)
IMO class 02 solid waste


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