1 Application

This device can be used to treat oily bilge water in order to make it reach the requirements of IMO.MEPC.107 (49) resolution, which is also called 15ppm bilge separator. It contains 15 ppm bilge separator and 15 ppm bilge alarm, i.e. oil content meter which are approved by the CCS.

2 Specifications

Technical Specifications/Type YWC-1.00 YWC-1.50 YWC-2.00 YWC-2.50
Rated  capacity 1.0 m3/h 1.5 m3/h 2.0 m3/h 2.5 m3/h
Max treating capacity(without emulsified fuel) 1.25 m3/h 1.875 m3/h 2.5m3/h 3.125 m3/h
Oil content of the discharged water ≯15ppm
Electrical heater power or the steam demand of heater 30kg/h 45kg/h 60kg/h 75kg/h
Electrical Power 380V/50Hz/3Φ
Power of the Mono pump motor 1.1kw 2.2kw
Suction head of the Mono pump ≯5m-H2O
Pressure of the discharged water 5-10m-H2O
Outline Dimension (mm) 1460×800

* Special order: uses electrical heating 3kw need not steam.

3 Principles

The device adopts the combination of electrical heating; the 1st stage cone wave plate gravity and coalesce separation; the 1st and the 2nd stage fiber filter and the 3rd stage membrane permeation in order to make the treated bilge water to meet the requirements of discharge standard of the resolutions of IMO.MEPC.107(49).

As shown in the enclosed drawing(322DF-2-00XT),bilge water comes into the 1st stage


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